Parenting – Children – Child Support Lawyers Sydney

Parenting – Children – Child Support Lawyers Sydney

Child Support Family Lawyer Sydney

Child Support Lawyers Sydney, Parramatta Case Study by Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers

Adam and Christine had 2 teenage children, Daniel aged 13 and Dina aged 16, both of whom attended a private high school, received after school tutoring, and participated in numerous sporting activities. Christine had been the family homemaker during the relationship, and had recently returned to part-time employment following separation. Adam had been the primary income earner throughout the relationship, and had a much higher income than Christine. We often find that a major concern for our clients who retain the primary care of their children is their ability to meet the ongoing costs of raising their children on a single income after separation. Funds received from a property settlement are often exhausted by the considerable costs involved in setting up a new home for themselves and their children.

In many circumstances the formula applied by Child Support, Department of Human Services in determining an assessment for child support does not adequately meet the individual circumstances of a particular family. This situation may arise in circumstances where parents have chosen for their children to attend private schools or take part in various extracurricular activities, or where parents have elected to maintain private health insurance. We advised Christine on the possibility of entering into a Binding Child Support Agreement which provided for Adam to pay the children’s school fees, private health insurance and extracurricular activities until they completed their secondary education. Further, in place of the assessment made by Child Support, Department of Human Services, the parties agreed for Adam to pay an additional sum of $500 per month in child support for each of the children.


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