The views of children are a relevant consideration in determining what is in their best interests. In any case that is in Court, there are various processes provided by the Court to enable children to express their views safely, if they wish to. There is no set age at which children can determine their own arrangements. However, children’s views obviously become increasingly important as a child matures. Clearly the views and wishes of a 15 year old teenager are very different from those of a 4 year old pre-schooler.

While it is important to take the children’s views into consideration, it is essential to find the right balance between listening to them and essentially placing the responsibility on them to make the decision. Almost all children love both their parents, and will often try to please their parents. They may do this by telling the parent what it is they think that parent wants to hear.

We can also refer you to various courses and support groups for children and parents to help deal with issues surrounding separation.

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