Australian International Family Lawyer

Australian International Family Lawyer

Australian International Family Lawyer Sydney NSW

Australian International Family Lawyer Sydney NSW

A leader in her field of International Family Law, Sarah Bevan is not only a member of the AEA (Association of European Attorneys) but she is just one of two Family Lawyers that are also also in the Justinian Lawyers network.

What is the Association of European Attorneys (AEA)?

The AEA is an International Lawyers Network with offices in the majority of the independent countries of the world.

It started in Europe (Berlin), but has now expanded all over the world.

Its main benefit is the referrals between members which means Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers are often contacted by oversees Attorneys representing family law cases from ex-pats, international surrogacy & adoption cases, international divorce or matters of the Hague Convention.

Sarah Bevan is the only dedicated Family Law firm member of AEA in NSW.

We can also offer better coverage of service to our customers should we need to extend beyond the Australian border.

The AEA is the largest network of lawyers in the world in relation to the number of offices and number of countries covered. The AEA has over 1,000 offices in 150 countries with a total of around 12,000 Lawyers.Sarah Bevan AEA member - Sydney, NSW, Australia

What are the Justinian Lawyers?

Global reach, Independent Expertise is the Justinian Lawyers Network.

Justinian Lawyers connects clients with a network of leading independent law firms around the world. These member firms operate autonomously, ensuring you receive the personalized attention and expertise specific to your location.

A few members of AEA created in 2012 the Justinian Lawyers, which is an exclusive net of Lawyers with a reduced number of offices.

Justinian is a sort of AEA first class with the following advantages:

  1. To belong to an exclusive lawyers site with a limited number of offices.
  2. To be clearly among the most relevant lawyers of your country and be recommended by the AEA Headquarters in the requests of services.
  3. To give lectures in the AEA congresses. Only the members of Justinian will give lectures.

There are only one of only two family lawyers in this group.

Justinian Lawyers Sydney NSW Australia

Are you looking to collaborate with an Australian Family Lawyer?

If you are an Attorney representing a family law case involving an Australian citizen, please contact Sarah Bevan to discuss.

Are you looking for a family lawyer for an international family law matter?

If you have a complex family law matter that involve international legislation, then Sarah Bevan will be able to carefully select the most relevant and experienced Attorney according to the location and family law issue.

Why choose SB Family Lawyers?

Sarah Bevan is a Family Law Accredited Specialist, a Mediator and an Arbitrator.  So if you have a family law matter involving negotiations & mediation or Collarborative law, then she is uniquely qualified to represent you in all areas such as: –



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