AIFLAM – Family Law Arbitrators & Mediators

AIFLAM – Family Law Arbitrators & Mediators

Sydney Accredited Arbitrator Mediator Sarah Bevan Family Lawyer

Sydney Accredited Arbitrator Mediator Sarah Bevan Family Lawyer

AIFLAM is the National Body for Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators.

An Accredited Arbitrator, Sarah Bevan has been a proud member of AIFLAM for over 10 years.

One of the main priorities of AIFLAM is to promote the benefits of arbitration and mediation as effective solutions for dispute resolution, amongst both practitioners and those seeking alternatives to the traditional court-based family law disputes.

Being a member of AIFLAM, Sarah and her team of Family Lawyers can continue to help individuals, couples and families through breakups, separation and custody matters without unnecessary hurt and financial complexities.

What is Arbitration in Family Law?

Essentially, arbitration is a form of dispute resolution, which involves an accredited arbitrator making a binding decision on financial family law cases. Although arbitration has been available for many years, it has not until now played much of a part in the family law system. While it is always the aim to reach an agreement, sometimes this is simply not possible, but the difficulty is that the delays in the Court system can contribute to further trauma for people already experiencing a difficult period in their lives.

Arbitration with a properly accredited arbitrator can provide a much quicker, and likely much more financially viable, solution.

Our mission is to obtain a fair resolution of disputes by being an impartial third party without unnecessary expense or delay.

Accredited Arbitrator Family Lawyer Sydney

What is a Mediator and why do I need one?

A mediator will help you talk with the party with whom you are having a dispute.

Mediation is an informal and confidential process where trained, impartial persons – mediators – facilitate discussions between parties and respondents to help them discuss, determine and clarify issues with the view to resolve and negotiate an agreement. The mediator does not make decisions for you.  The mediator is a neutral and impartial guide to help you come up with possible solutions, stay on track, and clarify areas of agreement and disagreement.

What do family Mediators do?

Mediation is where you and your partner will have meetings with a Mediator to discuss whatever aspects of your case you cannot agree on: whether that is financial arrangements, care of the children or both.

We help people resolve disagreements about marriage, separation, divorce, parenting schedules, child support, property division, elder care, the family’s budget, distribution of inherited property, and other family matters.

Where do I find a family law Mediator?

It’s important to make sure your Mediator is qualified for family law matters.  At Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers we have two NMAS Accredited Family Law Mediators, Sarah Bevan and Aboorva Sundar.

AIFLAM Best Mediator Arbitrator Sydney Parramatta

AIFLAM Mediator Arbitrator Sydney & Parramatta

So do I need an Arbitrator or a Mediator for my Family Law Matter?

At Mediation the parties involved in a family law dispute retain control over decisions, it’s designed on the parties negotiating a win-win situation, whereas an Arbitrator acts as an adjudicator and decides upon the parties in a family law dispute after listening to the evidence.

Sydney Mediator NMAS Family Lawyer Sarah Bevan

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