What is the Court process like in parenting cases?

What is the Court process like in parenting cases?


In the video below “How the Court process works for parenting cases” you will get an overview of the typical process involved in family law cases related to parenting issues within the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

The video emphasizes that each case is unique and may be handled differently based on the specific circumstances of the family involved.

It outlines the general stages of the court process for such cases.

This video aims to give viewers an understanding of what to expect during these court proceedings.


Provided by the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia to help individuals gain insight into the legal process surrounding parenting cases.


The video discusses the typical process of Family Law cases involving children in the Australian Federal Circuit and Family Court. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety and making decisions in the best interests of children. The process begins with attempts at mediation to resolve disputes before going to court. Legal advice and support are recommended, and emotional support services are provided. Family violence and safety concerns are crucial to inform the court’s decisions.

Upon filing, a “Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk” form is required, along with evidence shared in an affidavit. A confidential online questionnaire may be completed to assess risks without sharing the answers with the other party. The court pathway varies based on risk severity, leading to hearings held by a Judicial Registrar or Judge. Interim arrangements may be put in place, and a Child Impact Report can be prepared by a Child Expert to inform decisions.

Mediation is an option to resolve the matter confidentially, and further steps might include Compliance and Readiness Hearing. At trial, evidence is considered, and cross-examination may occur, although not by the other parent if family violence is involved. The Judge’s final decision promotes child safety and well-being. Court Orders are legally binding, with consequences for non-compliance. The video highlights the seriousness of family violence and offers additional resources and information on their website.

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