Stella holds a Juris Doctor from the University of New South Wales and an engineering degree from the University of Illinois in America. After working as a research scientist for a few years in a national laboratory, she discovered her true passion lies with communication and humanities, as opposed to cold simulations and lab experiments. This realisation fuelled her decision to set foot on the legal path, aspiring to become more connected with society and help people navigate the ebbs and flows of life.


Prior to joining Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers, Stella primarily practised in criminal law and gained extensive experience dealing with cases revolving around domestic violence. Having encountered cases where victims of domestic violence were unjustly labelled as perpetrators, coupled with her own childhood experience, she shifted her focus entirely to family law with an aim to assist clients and provide legal advice for early intervention.

Stella is passionate about practising in both parenting and property cases. Having grown up in China and being fluent in Mandarin, Stella possesses a deep understanding of the international aspects of family law and is dedicated to assisting clients from diverse backgrounds. She brings invaluable experience to the table, particularly in cases involving clients or opposing parties with significant overseas assets.

Stella also has a keen interest in assisting people to become parents through surrogacy.

Outside of work, Stella finds joy in dancing and cherishes moments spent at the movies with friends.


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