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Alison has practised as a lawyer since 2005 and is an Accredited Specialist in family law. Throughout her career, Alison has also had experience in crime, commercial litigation, wills and employment law.

Alison has had extensive experience in all areas of family law and has always been passionate about assisting clients through the challenges of navigating disputes whether they be related to complex property settlements or parenting matters with significant issues of family violence or children who are at risk.

Alison adopts a pragmatic approach to her practice ensuring that her clients are fully informed so they can make decisions best suited to their case and family. Alison is results-driven and works towards strategic and cost-effective outcomes for her clients.

“I have always enjoyed working with people and feel it’s a privilege that my clients trust me to provide them with sensible advice that will best assist them through a very challenging chapter in their life”


Prior to starting her career in Law, Alison completed studies in social work which has provided her with unique skills and insight in assisting clients in times of crisis.

Alison otherwise spends her time bushwalking and engaging her artistic and creative side.


Accredited Specialist Family Law
Family Dispute Resolution Mediator



Law Society of NSW

Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

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