Fertility Lawyers Parramatta – Sydney

Fertility Lawyers Parramatta – Sydney

Fertility Lawyers Parramatta - Sydney

How our Fertility Lawyers at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers Can Help with Your Surrogacy, Egg Donor or Sperm Donor Agreements

The journey to parenthood can take many forms, and for some, the path may involve surrogacy or donor agreements. In these complex situations, it’s crucial to have a Fertility Lawyer that understands the intricacies of family law and fertility law. Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers, a renowned Australian law firm, offers a comprehensive range of services in this area.

What is a Fertility Lawyer?

A fertility lawyer specialises in laws related to assisted reproductive technology (ART), such as egg donation, sperm donation, and both traditional and gestational surrogacy. They work to protect the parental rights of intended parents and ensure the smooth execution of surrogacy and donor agreements.

Fertility Services Offered by Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers is experienced in surrogacy, co-parenting, and adoption. They can represent surrogates and intended parents throughout Australia. Here are some ways they can assist you:

Surrogacy Agreements

Surrogacy agreements are complex legal documents that outline the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. These agreements are essential for protecting the interests of the intended parents, the surrogate, and most importantly, the child. Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers can help design these contracts and ensure that everyone understands all aspects of this agreement.

Egg Donor or Sperm Donor Agreements

If you’re considering using a donor egg or sperm to build your family, legally binding contracts are required in some states and helpful in others. These written agreements enable you to experience a rewarding ART process. Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers can assist in preparing and advising on these agreements.

Understanding State-Specific Statutes and Laws

In Australia, surrogacy and reproductive laws are not uniform across all states. Some states prohibit gestational agreements, while others don’t. Each State and Territory has its own laws, which can differ but in small but crucial ways. Working with a fertility lawyer like Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers in your state is a smart step in your family-building journey.

Why Choose Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers?

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers is a boutique family law practice founded by Sarah Bevan in 2002. Sarah has practiced solely in family law since the commencement of her career in 1999 and obtained her specialist accreditation in family law from the Law Society of NSW in 2005. She has extensive experience in all aspects of family law and fertility law, including international family and fertility law.

The fertility law team at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers is dedicated to providing you with the service you need at what is possibly a stressful time in your life. They work as a team, ensuring that there will always be at least two members of staff who work on your matter.

In conclusion, whether you’re considering surrogacy or egg/sperm donation as a path to parenthood, having an experienced fertility lawyer like those at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers can provide invaluable peace of mind. We can guide you through the legal complexities involved, ensuring that your journey to parenthood is as smooth as possible. Contact Sarah Bevan Fertility Lawyers today for a confidential appointment!


Fertility Lawyers Parramatta - Sydney

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