Why paralegals need compassion

Why paralegals need compassion

Paralegals need to be compassionate - SBFamily Lawyers

Family law cases can be complex, confusing and overwhelming for many of our clients.

As your first point of contact at a family law practice, it is essential for paralegals to have compassion and empathy in these circumstances.

By having compassion we can appreciate the period of transition our clients are going through and understand how such a period will require reassurance and most importantly, a listening ear.


As a primary form of contact, our clients often rely on paralegals to keep them updated and involved throughout their family law matter.

While paralegals cannot provide you with legal advice, we are the intermediate contact between clients and lawyers and concerns raised to us will always be relayed and addressed.

Empathy in these circumstances also allows us to appreciate that during such turbulent times, clients may also deal with issues that are not legal, such as emotional or financial issues.

While paralegals and lawyers are not equipped to address these issues directly, we will always aim to redirect our clients to the most appropriate avenues of support.

At SB Family Lawyers, our paralegals are outstanding in their supporting roles to each of our Lawyers and Associates.  Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers pride themselves on the hand-picked paralegals to support our family lawyers. Without our committed paralegals, we couldn’t give our clients the comprehensive service they all deserve. Through them, we are able to keep costs down, keep communication levels strong, and most importantly give you, our client, the best possible outcome for your family law case.

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