Court Process

All of our lawyers have an in depth knowledge of family law as well as the court procedures, which ensures the best court representation for you.

The specialist family law courts are the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court. Local Courts can also hear some family law cases. The specialist family law courts have processes designed to minimise the impact of court proceedings on the parties and their children. Their procedures are also designed to help people reach an agreement early in the process if possible.

There are some cases where there is no viable option but to start court proceedings. This includes cases where the other party refuses to participate, where the other party has refused to provide disclosure of required information, or where there is such a stalemate that settlement does not seem at all likely. There are also some cases where you may need to make an urgent court application such as where a child has been abducted or where there is a real risk of assets being disposed or taken out of Australia.

All Courts have their own formal Rules which should be followed to avoid unwanted consequences. A number of Court events are simply procedural and you may not need to be present. Other court events can require you to be present at court for a long day. We know you may be nervous before court, and we will always advise you in advance of what to expect at each court event.

You will probably have lots of questions about court. You may find some of the answers on our FAQ’s page of this website, but we will always inform you of important issues about your court case. You should always remember that we want you to feel in control of your situation and you are welcome to ask questions about court.


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