Consent Order Family Lawyer Review

Consent Order Family Lawyer Review

consent order family lawyer sydney

consent order family lawyer sydney

What are your options when your Consent Orders are no longer relevant?

When the kids are not enjoying the legal arrangements and become vocal about what they want.

What is a Consent Order?

Used mainly in Parenting Arrangements when couples separate or divorce.  Consent orders can also cover financial arrangements (property and maintenance).  It’s a written agreement that is approved by the Court.

A former client that we assisted in obtaining Consent Orders in 2015.  In 2021 the child started expressing views to change the Orders as she was older and the current situation didn’t suit her. The previous orders were then discharged and consent orders were entered into that provide the child with the flexibility to spend time with her father as she chooses.


“I cannot thank the team enough for the services that you all have rendered on my behalf. I am blown away by Alfonso’s integrity and all the hard work he did on my behalf. I will always be grateful for all of your efforts. Thank you once again and especially Alfonso!!!”

S. E.

Alfonso Layson Consent Order Family Lawyer Sydney ICL

Consent Orders by Alfonso Layson

– ICL (Independent Children’s Lawyer)

– Senior Associate Family Lawyer

– Accredited Family Law Specialist



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