Alternative Dispute Resolution – The Courts introduce an Arbitration List

Alternative Dispute Resolution – The Courts introduce an Arbitration List

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In an effort to support the methodology of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Family Law issues regarding property matters, the Courts (Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia) have introduced a new specialist in each Court, which will be known as the National Arbitration List.

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“The Courts have long supported the use of alternative dispute resolution as a quicker and more affordable option for litigants to resolve their disputes, rather than continuing to trial.

“The introduction of the Arbitration List will ensure consistency and timeliness and the determination of such applications will be given considered priority.

“While arbitration has traditionally and commonly been used in commercial litigation, our Courts are very keen to support the wider use of arbitration in family law for property matters.”

An information memorandum to the profession about the operation of the National Arbitration Lists will be provided by the Courts shortly.

Our very own Sarah Bevan is an Arbitrator and an Accredited Family Law Specialist with the NSW Law Society.

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