Consent Orders resulting in Sole Parental Responsibility

Consent Orders resulting in Sole Parental Responsibility

Consent Orders Sole Parental Responsibility Lawyer

Another testimonial for a parenting matter, with 2 young girls.

It was a relationship that had hallmarks of verbal abuse. The girls were very young and the father was not hands-on during the relationship, so the mother wanted a graduated time regime so the girls could ease into his care. The parties mediated on this and reached a consent position.

The father then decided he wanted more time and filed in Court. The matter was referred to a Court Child Expert, who said the father had limited insight as to what was age appropriate for his children.

The parties attended mediation again, this time with lawyers. Orders were made for the father to spend increasing time in 3-month blocks for a period of a year, and then to mediate again one year later.

The father adhered to the agreement for 2 months only, during which time he caused issues during his periods of time. He then prioritised his new girlfriend over the children and ceased turning up to spend time with the children.

When the matter was back in Court, we indicated that the father had basically given up on the children. This was not for lack of trying on our client’s behalf.

The matter was listed for an undefended hearing and the father did not appear.

The Judge made orders for our client to have sole parental responsibility and a specific order that she is able to apply for a passport without requiring the need for the father to sign forms. Our client was very happy to move on with her life.


“Thank you to Sarah Bevan family lawyers for all your support and efforts. After experiencing difficulty with a previous lawyer I was very glad I made the decision to change firms. From excellent communication and constant updates regarding my case, I always felt supported, heard and well informed. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone going through a difficult separation.”


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