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Australian Family Lawyers

Australian family lawyers international sydney solicitor

Australian family lawyers international sydney solicitor

Australian Family Lawyers – Experts in Family Law

Our Family Lawyers “will protect your best interests” across all Family Law issues in Australia & involving international family matters.

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers comprises a team of experienced specialist Australian Family Lawyers who provide an extensive range of high-quality legal services within the area of family law including international family law and international divorce law.

This practice area involves fundamental aspects of everyday life due to the numerous types of families and relationships that can exist and the countless interests that may be involved in the life of a family or a person’s relationships with others.

It is vital for the protection of your children, personal affairs and interests that an Accredited Australian family law specialist advises you on your legal position and where necessary represents you to ensure the best possible outcome where your interests may be compromised.

Accredited Specialists in Family Law as recognised by The Law Society of NSW

Sarah Bevan and Alfonso Layson are Accredited Specialist Australian Family Lawyers with both practitioners maintaining exceptional expertise in the practice of family law. Their expertise enables them to act in their client’s best interests in the most complex or difficult cases whether the matter is limited to Australia, overseas or a combination of both.

Sarah Bevan has practiced in family law since 1999 with extensive experience in complex matters including where clients’ interests are not limited to Australia.  In all cases, Sarah is able to apply her skills and expertise to ensure her client’s personal affairs are protected or represented to the highest standard.

Hague Convention Lawyers

Significantly, the team at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers acted in the first decision in Australia under the Hague Convention on Child Protection.  This Convention concerns the rights of parents or eligible carers over illegally abducted children taken overseas. Where a child has been internationally abducted by a parent from a member country to another, the Convention provides for an expeditious method for the return of that child.

Child Abduction

It is essential you are advised on the best way to prevent your child(ren) from being taken illegally overseas or, where an illegal abduction has occurred, the legal process and best method for the return of your child(ren) to Australia. This is an area in which Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers maintain particular expertise and can greatly assist you.

The law and its implications may not be the first thought that comes to mind when a person thinks of their relationships, their family or future family, when forming a new relationship whether in Australia or overseas or when a family member passes away, as examples. Nearly every aspect of a person’s family life, relationships, assets and interests however will be regulated to an extent by various laws.

It is often at the least expected times that you will require advice or representation to act in your best interests in order to ensure the fairest and favourable outcome for whatever your personal situation may be. Often unforeseen circumstances, if unaddressed, can pose significant threats to a person’s interests.

The team of experienced Australian family lawyers at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers can offer expert advice and representation in matters that both commonly arise, for example, divorce, surrogacy, adoption, parenting orders or the various types of agreements that may be entered into at the start, during or at the end of a relationship, as well as areas which require further particular knowledge and experience. These areas may include legal assistance where a matter is not limited to Australia.

When family law extends beyond Australia

Where a matter is not limited to Australia, it is essential you be represented by an experienced Australian Family Lawyer to ensure the protection of your interests. Examples of such matters may include where assets or investments are located in various jurisdictions or countries, or where family members or partners are located overseas. In matters such as these, it is vital that all of your interests are protected to the highest possible standard. Without expert legal assistance, a person risks having their interests compromised.

Children Matters and Australian Law

If you require assistance in reaching an agreement with a previous partner in regards to your children, this can be done either formally through the courts, or negotiations may be kept informal. In either case, it is necessary that all relevant issues are properly evaluated and the welfare of the child(ren) is properly considered. To ensure this it is in both the child(rens) best interests as well as parents that an experienced Australian family lawyer represents your side.

Property Settlement Overseas

The team at Sarah Bevan Lawyers can also offer expert legal assistance with property settlement including where property is located overseas.  Property settlement is a complex endeavour, which requires specialist objective analysis and consideration. Where property is to be divided following the end of a relationship, an experienced Australian Family Lawyer from Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers will ensure your interests are looked after and the best possible outcome is achieved for you.

Surrogacy & Same-Sex Couples

The team is experienced in the progressive practice of family law and in advocating for the most favourable outcomes and in the best interests of clients.  Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers were responsible for the first orders in New South Wales allowing a same-sex couple to be the named parents on the birth certificate of a child born as a result of a surrogate agreement. If you require advice or representation in a surrogacy matter, this is an area in which the team maintains expertise.

In 2017, Austalia passed gay marriage. This had extensive changes to family law including same-sex couples given the ability to divorce etc.  It is essential though, for all same-sex couples to be aware of their legal position when it comes to their relationships and family.

Marriage Equality and Family Law

Marriage equality refers to same-sex couples being able to access the same rights and benefits afforded to heterosexual couples through the institution of marriage in Australia.  Given the fact it is already possible for same-sex couples to marry in overseas jurisdictions, those couples may in the near future have their marriage recognised in Australia. In the event the Marriage Act is amended to grant same-sex couples the right to marriage, the legal implications will be extensive.

For example, a significant implication will be that same-sex couples that have married overseas will be able to divorce in Australia. Currently, it is impossible for same-sex couples that have married overseas to divorce in Australia and it may also be impossible for them to divorce in the country in which they were married. The team of experienced Australian family lawyers at Sarah Bevan Lawyers can provide expert advice concerning the legalities of your relationship(s).

You and your personal affairs and interests are worth the best possible protection and representation. If you are unsure about your legal position in regards to any family matter, our Australian Family Lawyers at Sarah Bevan can offer expert legal services to act in your best interests.

For further information please contact our offices on (02) 9633 1088. We have offices conveniently located in Sydney, Surry Hills, Crows Nest Family Lawyers & Parramatta or email us mail@sbfamilylawyers.com.au.

Australian family lawyers international sydney solicitor

Australian family lawyers international Sydney solicitor



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