A Spotlight on a Family Lawyer – Aboorva Sundar

A Spotlight on a Family Lawyer – Aboorva Sundar

Aboorva Sundar Family Lawyer Associate Sydney

Aboorva Sundar Family Lawyer Associate Sydney

Spotlight on Aboorva SundarAboorva Sundar Family Lawyer Sydney

Newly promoted Senior Associate, Aboorva Sundar continues to kick goals in the Family Law Sector, and is one of Sarah Bevan’s top Family Lawyers for the past 5 years.

Aboorva has completed 5 years as a lawyer practising exclusively in family law (totalling over 7 years of exclusive family law experience).

During this time, she has become a nationally accredited mediator, a collaborative lawyer and has her sights on becoming a family dispute resolution (FDR) practitioner to compliment her wholistic family law offering. Never one for letting the grass grow under her feet, she is also in the process of completing Specialist Accreditation for Family Law, through the Law Society of New South Wales.

She was named as a finalist for the prestigious 2021 30 Under 30 awards run by Lawyers Weekly

The Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 is an awards program that identifies the finest young lawyers across Australia.

“We know that our Aboorva is a rising star due to her continued successes in Family Law, she is talented, clever, but retains a degree or wisdom and empathy beyond her years”,

says Sarah Bevan, Principal, SB Family Lawyers.

Separation & Divorce Lawyer

“I recognise that it is in the best interests of parties to avoid Court and resolve their cases in the most amicable, time and cost-efficient manner possible. Most parties in family law need to remain connected for a period post their separation due to shared parenting arrangements. This means, despite the parties’ separation, it is critical that the parties preserve an amicable relationship. Although this is often difficult due to a variety of factors, where possible, it is important as a lawyer to encourage amicable resolution of disputes.” says Aboorva.

Aboorva has resolved around 85% of the cases that she has carriage of out of Court, either through discussions with the other party or their lawyer or through other dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation.

Surrogacy & Adoption

SB Family Lawyers are industry leaders on International Family Law and matters relating to local and international surrogacy & adoption. Aboorva has participated in a series of national surrogacy & donor roadshows through Growing Families, where we have partnered with various organisations to educate intended parents and surrogates about the law surrounding surrogacy in various states/territories across Australia.

Client Insight leads to Client Satisfaction

“Over time I’ve developed an appreciation for understanding clients interests that lay behind their respective position. This allows me to work with clients to develop a greater range of possible options for clients and increases their prospects of settlement with higher levels of client satisfaction. “, says Aboorva.

What do you believe sets you apart from other Family Lawyers?

Client reviews (link) and feedback is one of the greatest assurances that you are doing the right thing. I have a high retention of new clients. I’m continually learning and gaining more family law specific accreditations and applying my knowledge and the firms experience into every client that I look after.

An Innovative Approach

I am aware that legal fees can soon rack up for clients, my modus operandi is to make sure that I create efficiencies for both my clients and myself in dealing with their cases. Where possible, I will always suggest to the client ways that they can minimize their legal fees by providing certain documents and the arrangement of information.

Working with the team at SB Family Lawyers we have managed to automate and integrate some of our firms precedents with our legal software which allows assistants and lawyers to save time and generate precedent documents quickly with client details and known information pre-filled.

At the end of the day, you want to retain a happy client, who has been asserted with realistic outcomes and the emotional and financial tolls have been minimised.

Team Leadership

Working with my team, I recognised early that legal assistants / paralegals work more effectively if they are more aware of the application of law, legal procedures, and the rationale behind certain things.

My team consists of 2 lawyers and 2 legal assistants, we have regular meetings allowing me to closely oversee their cases, discussion of their Court/mediation appearances and client appointments and drafted correspondence.

Whether it’s running training days, or writing blogs, reviewing amendments to presentence, or working with the firm to streamline processes – one thing is for sure, Aboorva is a family law force to be reckoned with.

Memberships & Associations

  • Member of Legal Aid’s family law panel
  • Member of Legal Aid’s domestic violence panel
  • Volunteer – Binding Financial Agreements in Family law Research study undertaken by the University of Technology Sydney, University of Melbourne and the Australian National University.
  • Mentor to 3 aspiring lawyers who are currently in years 10 and 11.
  • Mentor to a law student.
  • Member of various community organisations that carry out a variety of charity events to raise awareness about topical community issues and raise funds to support various charitable causes. I have predominantly been involved with these organisations to raise awareness about family violence.
  • Fundraising – The COVID-19 pandemic created a dire situation in India where many daily laborers and homeless people began to suffer from starvation. I raised a lot of funds through family and friends and donated it to the Coimbatore Catering Owners Association to assist them in providing free food during lockdown in southern India.
  • My husband and I have teamed up with Prasad school of Badminton, India to financially support talented Badminton players from underprivileged backgrounds so that they can pursue a Badminton career that they would otherwise not be able too.
Aboorva Sundar Family Lawyer Associate Sydney

Aboorva Sundar Family Lawyer Associate Sydney

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